The elegance of exclusive and timeless creations



Make the elegance of Delta V's exclusive soutache jewellery your own.

A way to stand out and to highlight your personal style and passion for fashion.

For an even more special touch, personalise your jewellery with the colours of your choice, or ask for an exclusive made-to-measure creation.

You'll get nothing but compliments!

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The magical transformation of your life events outfits thanks to the haute-couture Lunéville embroidery.

Unique artworks made to measure for a guaranteed "wow!” effect.

Haute couture embroidery for wedding dresses, as a gift for an anniversary or for a birth in the form of a painting. The limit is your imagination.

You will have a unique embroidery that will not go unnoticed.

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The delicacy of haute couture in creations that look like you


The good taste of choosing the elegance of timeless pieces


Be unique by being yourself


It is possible to stand out with a unique and elegant style, to have that something that makes us unique by being ourselves.

If you’re a fashionista like me, you know how hard it can be to be different in this trend-saturated world. Accessories play a decisive role, and they can be the key to the look when chosen well. Accessories play a decisive role, and they can be the key to the look when chosen well.

Finding quality pieces that speak for us isn’t always easy, so I’m offering you some jewellery to make you look elegant while feeling yourself.

delta v creations

Personalisation and custom-made creations

If you are unique, you don’t just need a piece of jewellery, you need a creation that makes you look good and nothing less.

In my shop you will find exclusive pieces signed Delta V, with a clear objective: your elegance. I also offer a customisation service for accessories and made-to-measure creations, to adapt your jewellery to the colours that make you even more beautiful.

delta v creations

Discover the gems that lead to incredible compliments. Good Delta V!

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." 


Embroidering a basic dress for my brother’s wedding was a spectacular success. What if I could offer you the same experience?

That’s how the idea of offering you embroidered creations came about. A way to turn your basic look into a red carpet outfit thanks to high fashion embroidery.

A way to integrate this unique and exclusive art into your clothes that are already in your wardrobe. Stitch after stitch, bead after bead, according to the highest standards of haute couture embroidery. This is how I offer you unique embroideries that will not go unnoticed.

delta v creations

For special occasions

As embroidered accessories or ready-to-sew appliqués, your look will not be the same before and after. A (r)evolution of your outfits for a guaranteed “wow! effect.

Your outfits aren’t the sole targets. Do you imagine being able to add a touch of haute couture to your wedding dress? Or an embroidered frame for a wedding anniversary? Or a gift for a colleague’s retirement? Or a detail for the birth of a baby? All this and more is possible with embroidered creations. Imagination is the only limit.

All your ideas can result in a unique work of art in the world. The embroidered creations that I offer are entirely made-to-measure, from your idea.

delta v creations

Are you ready to be truly unique?

It has never been so easy to be unique and elegant