Delta V Creations

Toulouse, France

At Delta V Creations we believe in the power of self-expression. We believe that each of us is unique and just that simple fact is enough reason to be celebrated.

From our personality, passing through our experiences, down to our daily choices, we are all different. Is there truly a single solution for everyone? Does truly “one fits all”? No. So let’s celebrate the uniqueness within us.

We invite you to the wonderful universe of Haute Couture embroidery.

Good Delta V!


Browse through our creations, according to the type of product or artistic style from which we drew our inspiration.

Find your ideal design, have it personalised in your favourite colour or ask for an exclusive made-to-measure creation.

And... be prepared to receive compliments!


If you love exclusive jewellery with a vintage aesthetic that differs to what you knew till now, you’re in for a real treat.

The luxury of giving or treating yourself to a different fashion accessory that no one else will have.

Bonus: the incredible lightness of these pieces will surprise you.


The signature Haute-Couture embroideries by Delta V. Haute Couture at your fingertips like you have never seen it before.

Whether in the form of a prêt-à porter accessory, a sew-on appliqué or a made-to-measure embroidered frame, the Haute Couture slips into your home.

The only question is: which one to choose?


Inspire yourself with the exclusive creations made to measure for other customers just like you.

These creations cannot be found in the boutique, due to their exclusive nature. However, if you are interested, contact us to discuss the possibility of customizing or recreating the piece.

Our mission and vision

How would it feel to look empowered, confident and your absolute best?

Have you ever felt that boost that gives you listening to your favorite song? Or the confidence shot of wearing a combo of that red lipstick, those heels and your favorite parfume altogether? Do you recognize that emotion that gives you goosebumps and makes you feel empowered and confident?

That exact feeling is what we call a Delta V ( /ˈdɛltə viː/ ), an expression that we have borrowed from our former aerospace field. That energy that makes you feel your absolute best on the inside, so powerful that shines outwards and is visible on the outside. The “wow! effect”.

At Delta V we level up your outer shell, infusing it with that inner energy – that Delta V – that only your very best outfit gives you, so that you can only shine. That deep emotion of feeling yourself at your best level. That empowerment of being able to do whatever you want. The real confidence of knowing yourself able.

We believe that clothes and accessories do have energy. Or the power to make you feel absolutely wonderful (or appallingly dreadful if chosen badly). That is why we specialise in custom-made creations that not only fit you, but make you feel that energy that empowers you from within. Because they are made exclusively to celebrate your uniqueness and self-expression.

At the atelier, we handcraft unique Haute-Couture pieces using traditional embroidery techniques with a contemporary twist, both for private and professional customers. From vintage-looking jewelry to lavish couture embroidery trims, our creations are aimed at suiting you and giving you that wow! effect.

That is why our creations are made-to-measure and customisable: because they are made for you, not for everyone. We only create extremely limited series of each item: we want to guarantee exclusivity and be sure that your creation is yours alone. Or almost ;).

We invite you to the wonderful universe of Haute Couture embroidery.

Good Delta V!

Hi, I’m Laura S.

After years dedicated to the Aerospace Engineering field, now I’ve come to embrace my passion wholeheartedly: creation at its fullest level.

Obsessed with elegance and laser-accuracy finishings, it is through Haute Couture embroidery that I offer you incredible pieces that are crafted to make you feel your absolute best.

I believe we all deserve to feel the empowerment of the “wow! effect”.