Wearing these Swarovski crystal earrings is a way of affirming your self-confidence, your sense of originality and your taste for the exceptional. You don’t follow trends, you create them. You don’t follow the rules, you redefine them. AMIRA reflects your indomitable spirit, your magnetic charm and your inner radiance.

These AMIRA earrings are the perfect marriage of traditional Oriental visuals and the modern sparkle of Swarovski crystal, creating a jewel of incomparable beauty.

Inspired by Art Nouveau, this exclusive creation is characterised by a certain fluidity and softness in the lines, curves and elegant arabesques. These curves wrap around the Swarovski crystals, creating a sensation of movement and fluidity.

The oriental inspiration is clearly visible in the design of these earrings. The delicate motifs recall the intricate arabesques of the Moorish palaces of Andalusia or the lush gardens of India. Every detail is designed to evoke the splendour of the Orient.

This jewellery is created by mastering the art of detail, so that each earring becomes a miniature work of art.

Swarovski crystal, with its unrivalled brilliance, adds a touch of luxury to these jewels. The crystals capture the light magically, creating shimmering colours and sparkling reflections.

Wearing these vintage-inspired earrings is like travelling back in time, feeling the magic of the past while being anchored in the present. Wearing these jewels, you can feel the power of oriental history and culture, while benefiting from Swarovski’s contemporary innovation and unrivalled quality.

Whether you wear it every day or for a special occasion, this piece of jewellery won’t go unnoticed. It will turn heads, arouse admiration and attract envious glances. It is a declaration of your uniqueness, a declaration of your power.

Don’t just look for a piece of jewellery, look for a work of art that looks just like you. With AMIRA, you don’t follow trends, you create them, just like the extraordinary woman that you are. Let this exclusive piece be your partner in the quest for your own legend, because it is a match for your refined taste and strong personality.


  • Swarovski pearls, crystals and French-made soutache
  • Dimensions of the earrings: 9 x 5 cm
  • Back side finished with ultrasuede
  • They are the perfect match for the AMIRA necklace
  • Customizable colors (form below)

Made with top quality materials

Haute Couture
Hand sewn


Customise this design

delta v creations

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