Reconnect with the timeless elegance of Ancient Greece with the ATENEA pendant. This creation is a timeless work of art that tells a story and celebrates love, wisdom, beauty and the cultural heritage of Antiquity.

ATENEA is designed with geometric motifs that recall classical Greek art and architecture, for a simple yet refined aesthetic. This creation celebrates the essence of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and intelligence. They transport you to the summit of Olympus, depicting the Greek gods and goddesses in breathtaking detail.

Clearly inspired by romance, this creation showcases the classic Greek design from a feminine, delicate and refined angle, with its pearly pearls. This is how ATENEA represents the balance, grace and refinement of Ancient Greece.

This line of romantic jewellery reflects a taste for beauty, nature and the deep emotions of the period. Jewellery from the Romantic period was often inspired by antique designs. They are often considered to be precious works of art and bear witness to the aesthetics and values of this historic period.

These exquisite pieces embody grace and refinement, adding a touch of sophistication to every outfit.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for a wedding, an elegant evening or simply to enhance your everyday life, our classically styled pendants are a must-have choice. They reflect timeless elegance, refined simplicity and enduring beauty.

ATENEA is undoubtedly the classic necklace that will make you shine with grace.


  • French-made soutache trim and pearls
  • Dimensions of the pendant: 5.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Chain length: 40 cm (customisable)
  • Back side finished with ultrasuede
  • Customizable colors (form below)

Made with top quality materials

Haute Couture
Hand sewn


Customise this design

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