Back in the haute couture workshops, we find this handy utensil: the embroidery beading plate.

The beading embroidery plates are essential accessories in the manufacture of haute couture tambour embroidery or Lunéville embroideries.

The embroidery plate is an essential accessory in art and gold embroidery, with a very important function: it holds all the embroidery supplies (beads, sequins, thread spools, needles, cannetilles, crochet hooks, scissors, etc.) so that they don’t slip on the embroidery loom; and it allows you to turn the loom over quickly without these supplies slipping and falling off.

This embroidery tray is so delicate and elegant that it can also be used to decorate a small corner, or to display your favourite jewellery. The french haute couture touch in your favorite corner for a timeless beauty effect.

To find out more about this utensil, read the blog post on the subject: [Le pâté de broderie: un accessoire essentiel de la Broderie d’Art].



Lunéville embroidery beading plate for beading and supplies. Colorful organza ribbon bow tie.

  • Interior decoration or jewelry display
  • Use for beading, supplies and Lunéville hook
  • Several sizes available: 9 cm, 13 cm or 16 cm
  • Finished with an organza bow tie in the same colour as the twisted cord*.

* If you would like the colour of the bow tie to be different to that of the twisted cord, please let me know in the personalisation form below.

Made with top quality materials

Haute Couture
Hand sewn


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