The price corresponds to the dimensions of the sample: 18 x 13 cm.


JASMINE is a made-to-measure silk thread embroidery inspired by the elegance and beauty of the Orient in a captivating geometric design that evokes the very essence of this rich artistic tradition.

If you’re someone who’s discreet but with an exotic and adventurous nature, this embroidery is for you. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of JASMINE’s delicate details, by the extraordinary in a seemingly ordinary design. The touch of silent luxury on you, the result of deep introspection, a capacity to marvel without necessarily attracting attention and being loud.

The softness of the silk in this exclusive embroidery will be an asset when worn close to the body. What’s more, it’s impeccably finished both right side up and upside down, guaranteeing the excellence of this product.

Oriental inspiration shines through in JASMINE’s geometric patterns, which evoke architectural designs characteristic of ancient palaces. Every detail of this design has been created with exquisite precision, capturing the harmony and symmetry that characterise Oriental art.

It’s an invitation to travel through time and space, to explore faraway cultures and feel the enchanting aura of the Orient upon you. This silk thread embroidery will add a touch of exotism and sophistication to any garment.


This type of embroidery is perfect for filling areas such as sleeves, the back or a pocket. Also explore the ARIELLE or SOFIA embroideries for filling surfaces.

This embroidery can be done either on the sewing pattern before cutting (for garments being made up), or in the form of an embroidered patch/appliqué on your finished garment.


  • Embroidery made exclusively by hand.
  • Sample size: 18 x 13 cm.
  • Suitable for filling embroidery surfaces.
  • Silk thread filling.
  • Customizable colors (form below)

Made with top quality materials

Haute Couture
Hand sewn


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