Continuous sequins application

LIV is an embroidery pattern that you can download and print at home to practise the hand-embroidery technique of applying Continuous Sequins with the Lunéville hook.

Simply download it and print it out at home, so you’re never stuck in front of your tambour embroidery frame without knowing what to do or where to start.

Master the French TAMBOUR EMBROIDERY techniques like a pro and at your own pace with these ready-to-embroider patterns created especially for Haute Couture tambour embroidery.

Practise Haute Couture tambour embroidery with ease, from the comfort of your own home, and without spending a fortune!

These embroidery patterns have been created specifically for French tambour embroidery, using classic needlepoints and/or Lunéville hook stitches.

  • You can choose the technique you want to practise : each pattern has one or two featured techniques.
  • You’ll be able to progress through different levels of difficulty, so you can take it easy at your own pace.
  • The ideal solution if you want to train for your Hand Embroidery exam.

No more headaches for:

  • finding pretty designs to embroider,
  • picking the materials that hopefully will work well together,
  • deciding which techniques to use: satin stitch or pulling stitch? Vermicelli beading or continuous beads application?
  • Try to work out the correct order of execution.

These patterns have all these information inside, so you don’t have to overthink: just enjoy and take the time for yourself you deserve.


These embroidery patterns are specially created for Haute Couture tambour embroidery, using classic needlepoint and/or Lunéville hook stitches, according to each pattern.

Each pattern is presented in pdf format so that you can download it and print it out easily at home.

Inside each pattern you will find:

  • Step-by-step instructions with pictures where I guide you every step of the way. So all you have to do is follow along, without any headaches.
  • The technical sheet with the stitch legend for needlepoint and/or Lunéville hook stitches, with the recommended materials (and the direct link if you want to buy exactly the same).
  • Advice and further details on certain points, to clarify any doubts about the most difficult stitches.
  • Detailed photos of my finished pattern, so you can get a closer look.
  • The technical drawing in black and white, with the right side and the back side, A4 format.
  • The technical drawing in color, with the right side and the back side, A4 format.

This type of product is purely digital, with no kit or supplies provided.

You can start embroidering right away.

*This product is subject to intellectual property protection. This embroidery pattern is strictly for personal use. Any commercial use is forbidden without prior authorisation from the author: Delta V Creations embroidery atelier.

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