The price corresponds to the length of the sample: 15 cm. Decreasing prices according to length (ask for a quote using the form below).


Discover the purity of simplicity with our crystal creation, an ode to minimalist aesthetics. TOKYO is a minimalist crystal couture embroidery trim. If you’re someone who appreciates understated elegance, this is the piece for you.

This textile work of art embodies the pure elegance and refinement of Japanese culture. Every stitch, every thread, every detail of this embroidery has been designed with exceptional precision to create a minimalist aesthetic that transcends the superfluous.

Minimalism is synonymous with clarity, purity and harmony, and TOKYO embodies these values perfectly. The simple patterns and soft colours invite you to enjoy a soothing visual experience. This work of art stands out for its ‘less is more’ approach, where each element is carefully chosen for its importance, creating a clean, timeless aesthetic.

Each crystal tube has been precisely positioned to reflect the light in a unique way, creating an aura of sophistication and purity. This creation embodies the beauty of forms, where every detail is designed for maximum impact.

Crystal, with its clarity and transparency, is the perfect choice for those who prefer to let their style speak for itself. Our TOKYO crystal creation will match your wardrobe perfectly, whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions, adding a subtle touch of refinement.

Choosing simplicity doesn’t mean compromising on quality or elegance. With our minimalist crystal embroidery, you’ll own a piece that embodies the very essence of minimalist sophistication. Rediscover the power of purity and let crystal shine in all its splendour. For minimalists who understand that beauty is often found in simplicity, our TOKYO crystal embroidery is a must-have choice.


This type of embroidery is perfectly suited to edge finishings, and can be used in the same way as finishing passementeries or classic couture trimmings. You can also explore the BARCELONA or PARIS couture trims for more passementerie edge designs.

This embroidery can be done either on the sewing pattern before cutting (for garments being made up), or in the form of an embroidered patch/appliqué on your finished garment.


  • Embroidery made exclusively by hand.
  • Length of sample: 15 cm.
  • Width of the embroidery: 1.5 cm.
  • Suitable for edge finishings.
  • Embroidered with pearls and silver crystal tubes.
  • Customisable colours and sizes (form below).

Made with top quality materials

Haute Couture
Hand sewn


Request made-to-measure embroidery

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