Back in the high fashion workshops, we find this beautiful and practical tool. It is a tray for holding all the pearls, sequins and other supplies so used in the luxury houses during the embroidery process of high fashion gowns.

This tray has such a delicate and elegant look, that it can also be used to decorate a small corner, or serve to put your favorite jewelry and display it. The haute couture touch in your favorite corner for a timeless beauty effect.


White embroidery tray for beads. Bead embroidery tray for haute couture. Bow tie: several colours available.

  • High fashion embroidery tray
  • Interior decoration or jewelry display
  • Embroidery tray for beads
  • Several sizes (customizable)
  • Finished with organza bow tie

Made with
top quality materials

Light jewelry
and delicate
with the skin

Hand sewn

Customise this design

delta v creations

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