EMBROIDERY BEADING PLATE: an essential accessory for fine embroidery

Pâté de broderie avec noeud papillon

The beading embroidery plates are essential accessories in the manufacture of haute couture tambour embroidery or Lunéville embroideries.

The embroidery plate is an essential accessory in art and gold embroidery, with a very important function: it holds all the embroidery supplies (beads, sequins, thread spools, needles, cannetilles, crochet hooks, scissors, etc.) so that they don’t slip on the embroidery loom; and it allows you to turn the loom over quickly without these supplies slipping and falling off.

Lunéville's embroidery beading plate

Lunéville embroidery is an artistic embroidery technique that appeared in 1810 to imitate lace. It was only later, in 1870, that Lunéville beaded embroidery appeared [2].

Lunéville beaded embroidery involves embroidering beads and sequins using a Lunéville crochet hook.

The difficulty with the Lunéville beaded embroidery technique is that you have to work upside down. This method involves hanging beads and sequins on a crochet hook, using chain stitch and turning them inside out.

In other words, the visible part of the embroidery is turned towards the ground when it is made. It’s only when you turn the embroidery loom over that you discover the result.

It’s a good idea to turn the loom over regularly to check the progress of the embroidery, and that’s where the embroidery beading plate comes in.

The embroidery beading plate is a place to put your tools (crochet hooks, beads, etc.) while you embroider, to prevent them from slipping or falling off [3].
What’s more, every time we want to turn the loom over, we put the tray on our lap and that’s it: we save time, and money because everything is organised and nothing is lost.

Why pâté?

I’ve done several researches, but none of them give a precise explanation of the origin of the name “pâté de broderie”. Here are the results:
  • According to [1], this was a hat base three inches in diameter, divided by compartments to separate the sequins.
  • According to [4], in the jergon of embroidery, pâté is defined as: Embroiderer’s utensil with several compartments. Cannetilles, spangles of a pâté. Sur les métiers, trottaient le bourriquet et le pâté, les dés et les aiguilles (Zola, *Rêve,*1888, p.158).V. cannetille ex.
  • According to [3], this object is shaped like a country pâté, except that it is covered with felt, then fabric, and so on.
I’ll be continuing my research on this subject. Stay tuned!

The pâté de brodeuse, put to the test

Generally rectangular or round in shape, the embroidery beading plate is made from a sheet of cardboard covered with fabric, felt or velvet. A string is sewn around it to prevent beads and sequins escaping [5].

Embroidery beading plates are circular or rectangular trays which are placed on the work.
Their size can vary, but the majority measure between 10 and 20 cm.

The surface is often made of a material that prevents beads and other supplies from slipping, such as velvet or felt.

The perimeter is surrounded by a cord or similar to hold all the supplies and make it easier to grip.

Sometimes they are compartmentalised to simplify the storage of supplies.

Some of them feature a decorative detail, often linked to embroidery art: bows, embroidered shapes, etc.

ZOE and VALENTINA, embroidery beading plates made in Delta V Créations

Ever since my first training course at École Lesage, I’ve fallen in love with their embroidery beading plates (impossible otherwise!).

So I wanted to create my own version of these pâtés, but with the signature of my embroidery atelier.

That’s how I started looking for materials, tutorials and finishes. Because yes, the finish has to be impeccable for Delta V items.

After several attempts, I’ve found my own way of doing things, and I’d like to introduce you to my embroidery beading plates, called ZOE, available in several sizes (9 cm, 13 cm and 16 cm) in the online boutique.

“What if I could turn ZOE into a piece of haute couture jewellery?

Art embroidery comes full circle: the origin of VALENTINA, the embroidery beading plate turned haute couture jewel.

VALENTINA is the name under which I market these embroidery beading plates, which are themselves embroidered.

A real piece of haute couture that can be personalised and is very popular for weddings, because the size of the tray and the possibility of personalising them make these accessories perfect for wedding rings.

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