Art Nouveau

Haute Couture jewellery inspired by the artistic style of Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau is an artistic style that flourished in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, mainly between the 1890s and 1910. The Art Nouveau movement, which influenced many fields of art, including jewellery, was characterised by its organic approach, its motifs inspired by nature and its desire to break with the conventions of the past.

The creations in this Art Nouveau-inspired line are characterised by a certain fluidity and softness in the lines, curves and elegant arabesques. These curves wrap around the pieces, creating a sense of movement and fluidity.

Delta V’s Art Nouveau jewellery is charged with symbolism, expressing concepts such as femininity, nature and spirituality.

As with the period, Art Nouveau jewellery at Delta V Créations is handcrafted with great attention to detail, to create unique and original pieces.