The 20s

Haute Couture jewellery inspired by the artistic style of the 1920s.

This decade of the 20s was marked by major social, cultural and artistic changes.

Flappers were young women who challenged traditional social norms. They wore short dresses, had short hair, smoked in public, drank alcohol and were often seen as symbolising female emancipation and rebellion against social conventions.

Towards the end of the Belle Époque, the influence of ‘Garçonne’ fashion, characterised by straight lines and simpler silhouettes, was felt in jewellery, with long, elegant sautoir necklaces.

Long necklaces were very popular in this period. They were often long and elegant, sometimes embellished with cultured pearls, diamonds or enamel motifs. These necklaces went well with the fashionable dresses of the time, such as low-waisted dresses.

Jewellery from the 1920s often featured fringe elements, which added dynamic movement to pieces imbued with the effervescent glamour of the Roaring Twenties.

The creations in this line are a tribute to the daring women of the 1920s who shattered social conventions with their rebellious style and independence. Pearls, fringes and ornate headbands symbolise both the sophistication of the era and the rebellion against established norms.