Haute Couture jewellery inspired by Venice.

A symphony of refinement and sophistication, this line of Venetian-inspired jewellery embodies the essence of elegance and luxury at its very best.

The luxurious style of Venice is often associated with the opulence and elegance that have characterised this city at the gateway to the Mediterranean. Venice has long been famous for its tradition of jewellery-making, and is particularly renowned for its Murano glass jewellery, glass beads, lace and precious metals.

Glass is one of Venice’s most emblematic materials, known for its variety of colours, shapes and patterns, and is used to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewellery.

Each piece of jewellery in this collection is a work of art created in a very limited series by the Delta V Créations workshop, which devotes hours of painstaking work to bringing unique pieces to life. The designs are handcrafted to create elegant, luminous pieces.

These Venetian-inspired jewels are the fruit of boundless inspiration, combining classic designs with contemporary elements. Each piece of jewellery tells a story, evokes an emotion and captures the very essence of elegance and mystery.