Haute Couture jewellery inspired by Versailles.

Delta V jewellery inspired by Versailles is a historical reflection of the luxury, excess and social dynamics of the period. It bears witness to the role of fashion and finery in the expression of power and identity within the royal court.

Monarchs and their courts were known for their opulent lifestyles and extravagant displays of wealth, which included elaborate and exquisite jewellery.

Hair ornaments were particularly popular, with intricate combs, tiaras and hairpins adorned with precious stones and pearls. These accessories were used to hold and decorate elaborate hairstyles.

The Baroque aesthetic, characterised by grandeur, ornate designs and intricate detail, was predominant in the jewellery of the period. Jewellery was often large, bold and featured intricate engravings, precious stones and precious metals.

The Delta V creations in this line evoke the heritage of a time when craftsmanship was king, to contemporary pieces that reinterpret the codes of luxury with boldness and elegance, these jewels embody the very essence of good taste.