The art of the thread

When embroidery leaves the field of clothing, we enter a parallel universe of pure artistic exploration.

In this limitless space, creative madness orbits around traditional craftsmanship, giving birth to exceptional works of art.

Discover these artistic pieces and prepare yourself to see the stars.

Focus on the "Growing up" artwork

Growing up represents my personal journey: the doubts, the desire to move forward, the doubts again, the endless work without necessarily seeing immediate results. This sculpture is both a reminder of how far we’ve come and an invitation to continue the adventure of the unknown.

This 3D embroidered sculpture symbolises success despite difficulties, the need to hold on to what we have, big or small, to keep moving forward and not give up. It’s about believing in yourself and your ability to succeed, without forgetting where you come from and what makes up your DNA.

Focus on 3D embroidered pictures

The perfect blend of classic and new.

When embroidery gives a new dimension to a picture*. With the 3D elements of each creation, the experience becomes a play of volumes and textures.

*Tailor-made embroideries made for both business customers with their company logos and private customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some pieces can be found exclusively in the boutique. Other creations have been made to measure for different clients, so they are not available.

However, it is possible to commission an artwork. Contact me to find out more.

Yes, creating exclusive made-to-measure works of art is my speciality. Click here to find out more about commissioning a work of art.