Haute Couture Embroidery

The power of personal expression through the image we project is no myth.

From our personalities, through our experiences, to our daily choices, we are all different. Is there really a single image that suits everyone? Does truly “one fits all”? No. So let’s celebrate the uniqueness within us.

You don’t have to dress up to be different. All you have to do is find the rare pearl that matches your personality and style.

Through these creations based on fashion and embroidered accessories, I invite you to reinvent yourself and dare to be yourself.

Welcome to the wonderful universe of Haute Couture embroidery.

The true value of Delta V creations

Have you ever felt that energy boost that makes you feel so at ease, so much yourself, that you give off something inexplicable and overpowering?

This exact sensation is what I call a Delta V ( /ˈdɛlta vi/ ), an expression I borrowed from my former aerospace field. Because this boost of energy doesn’t just stay inside you, it changes you physically: this emotion of absolute confidence can be seen on the outside. A real “wow effect“.

When you create a piece exclusively with me, you’re guaranteed to feel exactly like that. Each creation is an extension of you, your style and your personality.

Each piece reflects your soul.

Embroidered creations from the Delta V atelier

In the atelier, I hand-embroider unique Haute Couture pieces using traditional embroidery techniques with a contemporary twist, for both private and professional customers.

From vintage jewellery to sumptuous Haute Couture embroidery, these creations are designed to look just like you and give you the “wow effect“.

That’s why all my creations are made-to-measure and customisable: because they’re made for you and not for everyone else. I only create extremely limited editions of each item: I want to guarantee you exclusivity and be sure that your creation is yours alone. Or almost ;).