“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” – Martin Luther King

The Delta V Créations atelier was born after a very complicated period in my life.

It’s the symbol of my own change of trajectory (the true meaning of Delta V), my rebirth, like a phoenix rising from its ashes.

Hi, I’m Laura S., the embroidery artist at Delta V Créations and an aerospace engineer PhD. I’m Spanish, but I moved to the south of France to continue my studies in aerospace field. After earning my PhD in 2017 and working as a satellites engineer, I realised that the job was not fulfilling me. You can read the full story in the blog post Between us: a (brief) history of the Delta V atelier.

After my change of career (my personal Delta V), I decided to unleash my artistic side through the embroidered creations that you will find on my website and on my social networks.

Delta V: what is it?

In the aerospace field, we define the delta-v (represented mathematically as ∆v) as the total change in velocity of a body (satellites in my research field). So if you are driving along at 50 km/hour and then accelerate to 75 km/h, your delta-v equals 25 km/h.

When a satellite has to change its orbit, it has to perform a manoeuvre. This manoeuvre is called a delta-v manoeuvre, and it allows the satellite to change its trajectory.

But what's the link with embroidery?

Delta V represents a change in the satellite’s trajectory, but also my personal story: leaving aerospace engineering to join the world of artistic embroidery.

But that’s not all. The other meaning of Delta V comes from your comments and feedback after you have bought one of my pieces. This is what I call the “wow! effect”: a boost of energy so powerful that makes you feel your absolute best from within and makes you shine outwards.

That exact feeling is what I call a Delta V. Your Delta V.

Artistic approach

In the atelier, I hand-embroider unique Haute Couture pieces using traditional embroidery techniques with a contemporary twist.

When you create a piece in exclusivity with me, you are guaranteed to be truly unique and special. Each creation is an extension of you, your style and your personality.

Each piece reflects your soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each creation is produced entirely in the workshop, from conceptualisation to manufacture.

Each piece is made and embroidered entirely by hand, using either my own experimental techniques or the classic Haute Couture embroidery techniques (needlework and Lunéville hook).

The mastery of these traditional embroidery techniques ensures that each piece is impeccably finished, for creations that are stronger and last longer. A guarantee of excellence à la française.

I was trained at the prestigious École Lesage in Paris, where I learned the true meaning of Haute Couture, the precision of gestures and the elegance.

I also trained at Studio Eyral, a real creative catalyst, where Marylène encouraged me to experiment, test and create my own artistic universe.

Yes, some pieces can be found exclusively in the boutique. Other creations have been made to measure for different clients, so they are not available.

However, it is possible to commission an artwork. Contact me to find out more.

Yes, creating bespoke artworks is my speciality. Click here to find out more about commissioning a work of art.

Yes, I have a specific section for people who want to develop their tambour embroidery techniques.

Click here to find out more about learning to embroider.