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The atelier Delta V Creations

Behind the brand

Hi there!

My name is Laura S, and I’m a Toulouse (France) based Haute Couture creator, former aerospace engineer, and lover of dancing and chai-latte.

I grew up in the northern part of Spain (which I blindly recommend you if you are a food lover!), but moved to Madrid and then to Toulouse to pursue my studies in the Aerospace field, finally earning my PhD in 2017.

And that should have been enough to have a just fine existence, should it not? Well, life always takes unexpected turns.

My job as a satellite engineer did not turn out as I imagined: unfulfilled, empty and sad, I unfortunately ended up in a deep burn-out that made me reconsider everything. And that left me with nothing else but my hands to work with (since my brain was kind of burnt and feeling unable). So it turned out that my old passion for arts and crafting was my non-chemical medicine that helped healing.

I have always been passionate about art, creation and sewing since my childhood, when I started making my first accessories at the age of 12 (and selling them to my cousins at 2€ / piece, what a bargain!).

This old passion led me to create Delta V Créations, where initially I just sold jewellery. But the discovery of art embroidery was a decisive turning point. I graduated from the École Lesage in Paris, where I learned the true meaning of Haute Couture, precision and elegance.

So Delta V Creations became my Haute Couture embroidery atelier, in Toulouse. Not only to offer you amazing hand-crafted pieces, but also as a means to remind myself to be brave and search for solutions when everything seems hopeless.

So here we are. All these creations have a part of my soul to remind you to trust yourself and cheer for you. Because we are all so unique and special that it deserves to be celebrated.


Delta V: what is it in fact?

In the aerospace field, we define the delta-v (represented mathematically as ∆v) as the total change in velocity of a body (satellites in my research field). So if you are driving along at 50 km/hour and then accelerate to 75 km/h, your delta-v equals 25 km/h. Simple, right?

This means that if a satellite is moving along its orbit but wishes to change it, the satellite must maneuver (otherwise we would be talking about magic, but that is a whole different point). This maneuver is called delta-v, and it allows the satellite to change trajectory.


We will get there in a second.

Have you ever felt that boost that gives you listening to your favorite song? Or the confidence shot of wearing a combo of that red lipstick, those heels and your favorite parfume altogether? Do you recognize that emotion that gives you goosebumps and makes you feel empowered and confident?

That exact feeling is what I call a Delta V (an expression that I have borrowed to my former aerospace field). That energy that makes you feel your absolute best from within and makes you shine outwards. What we also call the “wow! effect”.

That energy boost makes us feel our absolute best, we feel empowered, we change behavior and so does the satellite.

That is why this atelier is called Delta V: it represents that exact feeling.

And I would love to share it with you and make you feel it too. You deserve it.


An ancient technique of handcrafting.

All products at Delta V are exclusively hand-sewn. By highlighting the know-how behind this ancient technique, the creations become more solid and durable over time.

The mastery of this technique means that the finish of each piece is impeccable.


The quality of each piece is at the heart of the entire design and manufacturing process.

Each piece is made from top-quality materials: silk, Swarovski © crystals, Miyuki © Japanese seed beads, stainless steel, French and Italian soutache, and more.

Arts and crafts

At Delta V, there is a real commitment to the values of made in France : precision, quality and taste for detail.

The care taken throughout the creative process makes our products unique pieces that become works of art, made exclusively by hand using Haute Couture techniques.

A guarantee of French excellence.