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Delta V is the name of my haute couture jewelry creation workshop, specialized in soutache work and beaded embroideries.

The soutache is a flat, narrow decorative braid – a type of braid – initially used in high fashion trimmings to add decorations to textiles.

From its origins in the 15th century, the soutache is found on military costumes and the ornaments of the dresses and coats of the nobility. Nowadays, it appears on the traditional clothes of the bullfighters: the “trajes de luces”.

It can also be used to showcase stones and crystals, with one remarkable advantage: the incredible lightness of the resulting pieces.

The beaded embroidery is the logical continuation of the creations made in the Delta V workshop. The soutache is the preferred material, but the creations do not stop there. Indeed, the soutache is the gateway to a magical world of embroidery, where pearls, sequins and gold threads make us all dream with our eyes open.

Thus, Delta V Créations becomes an artistic embroidery workshop, with the aim of sharing with you the wonderful world of haute couture.




I am Sofía, the designer behind Delta V Creations. Spanish by origin, but French by adoption for more than 10 years.

An aerospace engineer by trade, but an artist at heart. It is thanks to the meticulousness of the space profession that I offer you my creations, made with the same spirit of precision.

Moreover, it is thanks to my main job that Delta V was born: when we have to change the trajectory of a satellite, we apply a maneuver: a change of speed, also known as ΔV ( Delta V) .

Since my very first creations, I have seen this same transformation effect in my clients: the moment they wear my creations, their looks change, but also the way they feel.

An inner change that becomes visible, because with a creation that looks like them, they show their personality.

This particular boost or Delta V that they experience is remarkable from the outside. Their returns all coincide: they receive huge amounts of compliments every time they wear their unique jewelry. That’s why I love telling my clients that their new accessory has the “WOW!” guarantee. A pinch of magic to feel dressed in the blink of an eye.


Delta V Creations is the new face of Soutache by Sofía.

Passionate about jewelry creation and sewing since my childhood, I started making my first accessories at the age of 12.

The discovery of the soutache technique in 2014 marked the starting point of my creations. Since the day I started wearing my very first soutache earrings, I have received many compliments and requests for custom designs.

This prompted me to open my first shop on Etsy in 2015, where I offered my own creations, as well as the manufacture of personalized accessories on request.

These years of experience have only increased my passion for this ancient technique which gives life to exclusive pieces, which stand out from classic jewelry. These creations become a fusion between embroidery and haute couture in miniature.

Thanks to the soutache, I discovered the exciting world of artistic embroidery used in renowned haute couture houses. Since 2021, I have been training in Lunéville embroidery techniques at the École Lesage in Paris, to be able to offer you even more magic to wear.

Delta V offers unique creations that condense all my know-how.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted, with an emphasis on lightness, elegance and delicacy. Each creation becomes a work of art.

Discover the haute couture creations that
will instantly transform your look


delta v creations

An ancient technique of handcrafting

All products at Delta V are exclusively hand-sewn. By highlighting the know-how behind this ancient technique, the creations become more solid and durable over time.

The mastery of this technique means that the finish of each piece is impeccable.


delta v creations

The quality of each piece is at the heart of the entire design and manufacturing process.

Each jewel/embroidery is produced from top quality materials : French and Italian-made soutache braid, Czech Swarovski © crystals, Japanese Miyuki © beads, stainless steel, etc.


delta v creations

At Delta V, there is a real commitment to the values of made in France : precision, quality and taste for detail.

The care taken in the entire creation process makes these jewels unique pieces , made exclusively by hand with techniques from embroidery and haute couture.

A guarantee of French excellence .