Haute Couture jewellery inspired by the artistic style of the Bridgerton series, recreating the English Regency era of the early 19th century in an extravagant and luxurious way.

The Bridgerton aesthetic means that the costumes are adorned with many luxurious details, such as intricate embroidery, sparkling jewellery and sumptuous accessories. These details contribute to the opulent aesthetic of the period.

The costumes in the Bridgerton series perfectly capture Regency styles, characterised by light silhouettes, clean lines and high-quality fabrics. The women’s dresses are often adorned with ruffles, lace and shimmering fabrics.

Bridgerton jewellery has become popular because of the luxurious and sumptuous aesthetic of the series. They can feature floral designs, medallions, bee motifs (such as the motif associated with the Bridgerton family) and romantic elements.

Similarly, cameos were very popular during the Regency period. In this line of Bridgerton-inspired jewellery, you’ll find a modern reinterpretation of these cameos, for a vintage aesthetic fit for today.