Custom-made wedding ring holder

What if you already had in your hands a key piece information to offer the PERFECT WEDDING GIFT?

Say goodbye to the headache of finding THE ideal, original and personalised wedding gift that future brides and grooms dream of.

You only need one thing to hit the bull’s eye.

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Chemisier brodé sur-mesure Lise B

MADE-TO-MEASURE EMBROIDERY: the emotions at the heart

An exceptional made-to-measure embroidery project: the dream of transforming a garden into a garment.

Lise remembers with nostalgia the garden of her old house and the times she spent with her family. Memories that she wants to preserve at all costs, and on a very different medium: a shirt.

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Bracelet Louise brodée avec des perles et de la tresse soutache


Soutache: what is it?

Soutache is a versatile and elegant decorative element that can be used in many craft and sewing projects. Made from twisted threads or cords, soutache can be sewn, glued or threaded to add a touch of sophistication to creations.

Whether used to embellish clothing,

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Pâté de broderie avec noeud papillon

EMBROIDERY BEADING PLATE: an essential accessory for fine embroidery

The embroidery beading plates (originally called pâtés de brodeuse in France) are essential accessories in the manufacture of haute couture tambour embroidery or Lunéville embroideries.

The embroidery plate is an essential accessory in art and gold embroidery, with a very important function: it holds all the embroidery supplies (beads, sequins,

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Military boots like no other

Trendy black military boots, just like everyone else’s.
What if I added a personal touch in the form of an embroidered appliqué to make my boots stand out from the crowd?
So that’s how I started this project.

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