Longing to stand out from the crowd and wearing something unique and high-quality that truly represents you?

These Haute Couture creations come with the “wow! warranty”. Warning for shy people: be prepared to receive compliments!

If you love exclusive jewellery with a vintage aesthetic that differs to what you knew till now, you’re in for a real treat.

Bonus: the incredible lightness of these pieces will surprise you.

Ready for take-off?

Signature creations

The luxury of giving or treating yourself to a different fashion accessory that no one else will have.

The pleasure of standing out from the crowd and celebrating your uniqueness.


The most beautiful colour is the one that suits you.

Match the colour of a piece of jewellery to the one that suits you best, or to the outfit you want to match it with.


This service is specially designed to transform your ideas into magic.

Let's create your jewellery from scratch, and get a design that suits you.

The "wow! effect" that suits you so well.

Signature creations

If you’re passionate about fashion, you know how difficult it can be to be different in this world saturated with trends that change overnight. What’s worse, this massive rate of production does not target quality but quantity.

At Delta V Creations we challenge this mindset. We firmly believe that it is possible to consume responsibly and be fashionable at the same time. This is known as slow fashion. A concept where know-how and quality are deliberately chosen. Fewer items, but longer-lasting.

Our jewellery is designed to stand the test of time, without compromising the quality of our creations. Made exclusively by hand, using Haute Couture techniques. A guarantee of excellence à la française.

Original and unique creations to make you glow from within.


We believe in the power of self-expression. To dare to be your true Self. We believe that each one of us is unique. That is why, at Delta V Creations, we are always looking to offer you creations that reflect your personality.

Have you spotted an existing creation in the boutique but the colour does not inspire you? Would you like to match your accessory to your clothes? Yes, that’s perfectly possible.

Through personalisation, you can create the jewel you like in the colour of your choice.


All you have to do is browse the boutique and choose the design you like best. At the bottom of the product description you will find a contact form where you can write in the colour you prefer.

Simple and effective.

Custom-made jewellery

With our made-to-measure service, you go all the way: you choose not just the jewel you prefer, but also the one that perfectly matches your personality, lifestyle and skin tone.

We want to give you back that energy that makes you feel your absolute best on the inside, so powerful that shines outwards and is visible on the outside. The “wow! effect”.

The made-to-measure service is specially conceived to create a piece of jewellery exclusively for you: a wedding belt, shoulder pads for the dress your grandmother wore 60 years ago, etc.

At Delta V Creations, your ideas come to life: from computer design, through the choice of colours and materials, to the finished creation. A made-to-measure service from A to Z for total control of the creative process.

You’ve got it: the only limit is your imagination.


Get your made-to-measure jewellery in just 5 steps.