How would it feel to stand out from the crowd because you are wearing something so special, elegant and delicate that you feel just “wow!”?

We believe that clothes and accessories have the energy to make you feel absolutely wonderful and unique. That exact feeling is what we call Delta V. An emotion that you can also feel when your outfit just feels right for you.

That is why we specialise in Haute Couture embroideries that not only fit you, but make you feel that energy that empowers you from within. Because they are made exclusively to celebrate your uniqueness and self-expression.

Our way of doing that is through curated, made-to-measure embroideries than can be incorporated to your clothes and accessories, both for private and professional customers. So that you too can feel the power of wearing a unique, Haute-Couture embroidery that makes you stand out from the crowd. A guaranteed “wow!” effect.

Prêt-à-porter embroideries

The luxury of giving or treating yourself to a different, original embroidered accessory.

The pleasure of standing out from the crowd and celebrating your uniqueness.

The plug & play of embroidery.

Made-to-measure embroideries

The guaranteed “wow!” effect.

This service is specially designed to transform your ideas into magic.

Wether they come as an embroidery patch/appliqué or embroidered directly onto your creation, these works of art will transform your outfits for an even more unique and personalised effect.

Embroidery patterns

Do you like our embroidery designs? If you know how to embroider with the Lunéville hook, you can replicate* our most iconic designs at home.

In the form of a digital pattern, all you need is a printer to start your new embroidery project.

*For personal use only.

Would you allow yourself to dream big enough to wear Haute Couture? And if it was not a dream?

We believe in the power of self-expression. To dare to be your true Self. We believe that each one of us is unique. That is why, at Delta V Creations, we are always looking to offer you creations that reflect your personality.

To give you back that energy that makes you feel your absolute best on the inside, so powerful that shines outwards and is visible on the outside. The “wow! effect”.

Made-to-measure embroideries are the workshop’s flagship creations. A (r)evolution of your outfits for a guaranteed “wow! effect”.

Made-to-measure embroideries

Whether it’s for a gift to your loved ones, for your wedding or to transform your garment into a 5-star outfit, you will have an exclusive and unforgettable creation.

Stitch after stitch, bead after bead, according to the highest standards of Haute Couture embroidery. This is how we create unique embroideries that do not go unnoticed.

The magic of Lunéville beading embroidery allows you to integrate a touch of Haute Couture to your (future) creations. A perfect service for special occasions: weddings, birthdays, christenings, etc. Whether you chose an embroidery patch/appliqué or embroidered directly onto your design, these works of art will transform your outfits (or your customers’ outfits, if you’re a professional) for an even more unique and personalised touch.

At the atelier, we offer you made-to-measure embroideries to incorporate into your creations. It is often difficult to find embroidered and/or beaded fabrics on the market that fit your needs perfectly. That is where you can seek out the services of the Delta V Creations embroidery workshop. Whatever your idea, we can create it together.

We work for both French and international clients. Distance was never a constraint.

What type of embroidery for your project?

There are two options for including a custom embroidery on your garment/accessory:

At Delta V Creations, your ideas come to life: from computer design, through the choice of colours and materials, to the finished creation. A made-to-measure service from A to Z for total control of the creative process.

You’ve got it: the only limit is your imagination.

How can I request a custom embroidery?

Get your made-to-measure embroidery in just 5 steps.