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Embroidered accessories

Embroidered accessories

Just like jewelry, let your accessory speak for you: elegance, delicacy and femininity are in the spotlight.

The embroidered accessories are ready to wear (prêt-à-porter), as much for her as for him.

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Clothing embroidered appliques

Clothing embroidered appliques

Incorporate a touch of haute-couture into the clothes you already own!

The embroidered appliques will make a difference on your look.

Go from a normal outfit to a "wow!" outfit in the blink of an eye!

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Life events embroideries

Life events embroideries

The magic of Lunéville beadwork for your special occasions.

Weddings, birthdays, baptism gifts: what if you offered a custom-made embroidery?

Let's create magical pieces that will make your day an occasion you'll remember for a lifetime.

Discover the life events embroideries

Embroidered accessories

A way to express our personality, to tell the world that we are special and irreplaceable. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness with pieces that reflect our image: unique.

Just like jewelry, accessories can be key to a sublime look. In the Delta V atelier I offer ready-to-wear creations that will transform your look in the blink of an eye.

The touch of delicacy and femininity of haute couture to make you stand out.

If you are unique, you deserve to have your accessory live up to it.

"I am not a dressmaker, I am a craftsman, a maker of happiness."

Citation Yves Saint Laurent

Clothing embroidered appliques

Add an even more special touch to your outfits with beaded embroidery.

This service is specially designed to personalize and boost your outfit with ready-to-use embroidered appliques on your clothes and/or accessories*.

Customization with embroidered appliques allows you to access haute-couture to a garment you already own. A way to enhance your clothes to turn them into unique creations that look and feel like you.

Dare to be creative and express yourself!

The creation of embroidered appliques is made-to-measure. Contact me to discuss your idea. You will have a sublime embroidery!

* The appliques must be applied by hand, by sewing the appliques to the chosen garment. If you would like me to sew the appliqué to your clothing, you will need to send your outfit to the Delta V atelier in France. Once the appliques are set, I send you back your outfit ready to wear.

Art is the ultimate form of luxury.

Life events embroideries

In the Delta V atelier I offer you a custom embroidery service. The only limit is your imagination.

Whether it’s for a gift to your loved ones, for your wedding or to transform your garment into a 5-star outfit, you will have an exclusive and unforgettable creation.

Stitch after stitch, bead after bead, according to the highest standards of haute couture embroidery. This is how I create unique embroideries that do not go unnoticed.

A (r)evolution of your outfits for a guaranteed “wow! effect.

It has never been easier to be distinguished and elegant!

Either if you are a professional** or not, don’t hesitate to contact me to start creating stopping magical embroidered pieces.

** If you are a professional and wish to integrate one of my embroidery works in your creations, contact me to define your objectives and plan a potential collaboration!


Exchange and advice

1. Exchange and advice

We discuss the concept: your idea, for what occasion, etc.

Expertise and design proposal

2. Expertise and design proposal

I offer you an adapted technical solution: design of the embroidery and choice of materials and colors.

After validation, I begin the crafting of your creation.

Manufacturing and finishing

3. Manufacturing and finishing

I will contact you once the creation is finished for a final check.

Your custom embroidery is now ready to be sent.

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