MADE-TO-MEASURE EMBROIDERY: the emotions at the heart

MADE-TO-MEASURE EMBROIDERY: the emotions at the heart

An exceptional made-to-measure embroidery project: the dream of transforming a garden into a garment. Lise remembers with nostalgia the garden of her old house and the times she spent with her family. Memories that she wants to preserve at all costs, and on a very different medium: a shirt. But... is it possible to transform a memory full of emotion into a garment? Keep reading to find out.


In this made-to-measure embroidery, Lise wanted to wear her garden on her person.

She was very fond of her garden. Her late husband was very involved in their garden in Paris, which they left a few years ago. But looking at photos her husband had taken long before, the memories and emotions were still there with her.

She wanted to relive the good times spent with her family there, but not just by looking at the photos. She wanted to “dress in her garden” and feel that she was “there”, in the sunshine, with her husband, looking at their roses, the irises and lavender, and the three trees that marked the landscape. The one landscape she craved to bring back to life.


But flowers and trees were photographed a long time ago.

The problem was daunting: how to transform these old photos into an embroidered blouse that would plunge Lise into her old garden?

Lise and I talked for a long time, trying to understand her feelings and how to meet her expectations. We decided to make two blouses, each with its own story.

  • For the first, we opted to create an arrangement using flowers from the garden: lavender, roses, carnations and irises, all with the same tones in common: pink and purple.
  • For the second, we chose to recreate the landscape of the three trees under a rainy sky, with colours in common too: autumn tones and a touch of gold.

I worked around her photos, digitising them, to create two blouse prototypes so that she could project herself more easily.

And now it’s time to let the magic happen: my expertise and savoir-faire.


Looking at the embroideries, you can see the garden that Lise wanted: the lavender that seems to be shaken by the wind, the intensity of the iris petals, the gingko biloba leaves falling gently after an autumn storm.

She no longer needs to close her eyes to be transported to her garden, she simply has to carry it with her. Genuine emotions at the surface of her skin.

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