Daisy Stitch, Fishbone Stitch


MICHELLE is an embroidery pattern that you can download and print at home to practise the hand embroidery techniques of the Fishbone Stitch and the Daisy Stitch using a needle.

This series of patterns is designed to practice a specific technique of Haute Couture embroidery. Whether with the needle or the Lunéville hook, you will be able to work and master each of the techniques of Haute Couture embroidery thanks to these patterns, focusing on one or two techniques at the most in each of the designs.

These training exercises are my own designs that I created to practice at home, because when I searched the internet, I could never find any exercises or patterns specific to Haute Couture.

That is why I have designed these digital patterns (technical embroidery drawings) which I am sharing with you now, so that you can also download them, print them at home, and practice at your own pace.

These embroidery patterns are specially created for Haute Couture embroidery, using both needle and Lunéville hook stitches, depending on the pattern.


This product is purely digital, there is no kit or supplies provided. In each pattern in .pdf format you will find:

  • Black and white Embroidery Technical Drawing of the size 19.5 x 14.5 cm.
  • Color Embroidery Technical Drawing of the same size.
  • Technical sheet (Legend) of the needlepoints and Lunéville crochet stitches, with materials and colours.
  • Section dedicated to give you some advice and precisions of certain points that may be more difficult to achieve.
  • Finished sample photo of the design with the used supplies and colours.

These embroidery patterns do not explain the techniques of each stitch; they are purely for practice.

This product is subject to intellectual property protection. This embroidery pattern is strictly for personal use. Any commercial use is forbidden without prior authorization from the author: embroidery atelier Delta V Creations.

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