Haute Couture jewellery inspired by the artistic style of Romanticism.

The Romanticism period ran from approximately the end of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th century, and reflects the feelings, values and styles of this artistic and cultural period.

Romantic jewellery was often loaded with symbols and sentimental meanings. Gemstones and motifs were chosen to express emotions and hidden messages.

Romantic jewellery also frequently featured floral motifs, such as flowers, leaves and branches, as well as elements of nature, such as insects and birds. This reflected the Romantic period’s appreciation of nature and beauty.

This period was marked by a renewed interest in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Jewellery from this period was often inspired by ancient designs, including Egyptian, Greek and medieval motifs. They are often considered precious works of art and reflect the aesthetics and values of this historical period.

The line of jewellery inspired by Romanticism reflects the period’s taste for beauty, nature and deep emotions.